Spill Kit Mini Truck 21 Litre Bag Oil & Fuel

Brand: Global Spill

Portable and economically-priced oil and fuel spill kit designed for spills around small trucks, utes, vans and machinery or in small workshops.
Contains Global Peat floorsweep and polypropylene oil and fuel-only maintenance absorbents.
Clean non-allergenic, non-hazardous absorbents, with little or no dust.
Spill kit is supplied in a yellow canvacon, heavy-duty, re-sealable, waterproof and dust-proof bag.
Oil and fuel spill kit can be customised by adding/removing/swapping components.
Up to 26 Litres Absorbancy Capacity
Oil and fuel bag spill kits include UV-resistant label, laminated re-order form and operating instructions 
Kit Includes
1 Oil and fuel absorbent mini boom 1.2m x 7.5cm EMB1.2
10 Oil and fuel absorbent pads 45cm x 45cm MBBP
1 Global Peat absorbent floorsweep 8 litre bag PMPB8
1 PVC gloves – pair 450mm PVCG450
1 Disposal bag – labelled 100 micron polyethylene DB
1 Spill kit label Self-adhesive PVC

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